Ergonomic Desk

The benefits of ergonomic desks include comfort, improved posture and productivity, and employees worldwide expect ergonomically beneficial desks and chairs in the office.

The Edge Desk System’s sleek design breaks from traditional desk environments and encourages better posture and comfort. This in turn creates an environment that fosters an increase in focus and productivity.Until recently, the category of “Stand-Up Desks” was an anomaly; few believed that there may be health benefits to standing while working. Today, millions have adopted alternative types of work furniture to improve focus, productivity, and comfort. The Edge Desk paves the way for a whole new way to work…kneeling. Our fully adjustable, patent pending work station combines a desk, chair and easel all-in-one, allowing for each user to sit comfortably and position their work in a way that is the most comfortable for them, making it the most comfortable work experience available. The Edge Desk System’s kneeling desk is also compact and storable - ideal for a variety of spaces and mobile lifestyles. The Edge Desk System combines a kneeling chair with an adjustable work surface that folds and stores into a compact 6-inch package that is easily stored and transported.

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