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The Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Upgrading Your WFH Setup

Getting your office chair and workstation lined up can be tricky, but there is one comfortable office chair that takes the guesswork out of proper alignment. The Edge Desk is an all-in-one workstation that combines an ergonomic desk and kneeling chair that is fully adjustable, easy to store, and keeps users in correct ergonomic alignment to help relieve back and neck pain.

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Back-to-school essentials for all students this year

Preparing for the first day of class, students in grade school through college need their essentials for the year! From dorm room must-haves to educational toys lifestyle and parenting expert Audrey Mcclelland joins Good Day Columbus with the options!


“The Edge Desk is my desk of choice… portable, comfortable, doesn’t fatigue me.. great for my back”


"I can’t function without this desk right now”

Cortney Hall

Chicago Today Host

“My expectations have been exceeded! The small footprint, versatility, practicality and ease of use has afforded me the ability to transition easily from work to working from home!"

Trent Mosley PhD

Chief of Engagement, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

We’re also a family business, my dad is our chiropractor (Dr. Alberto Achaval) and I’m his clinical chiropractor assistant. We all love the Edge Desk.

Dr Alberto Achavel


“Your Back Will Thank You For The Edge Desk System”

Huffington Post

“This is really the most extraordinary desk I have used.It’s a lifesaver!”

Honey Rosenbloom

HR Manager at Google

“The Edge Desk fits in the industry as a linchpin for the body to remain healthy during the long inactive hours required by today’s all gray-matter worker who is bound to a computer and a sitting position for hours every working day.”

Karen Loesing




No Back Pain!
“I purchased and have been using Edge Desk for a few months now. I suffer from a herniated disc in my lower back. This system works perfectly for me.”


“Ergonomically designed like a massage chair with kneeling pads in place to take pressure off the user’s back while displacing the strenuous weight of sitting all day, The Edge aims to offer focused productivity, comfort and flexibility all in one.”

Furniture Today

“The Edge Desk provides an ergonomic sitting position, with knee supports that can relieve the tension of sitting in a traditional chair.”


"No Back Pain! I suffer from a herniated disc in my lower back. This system works perfectly for me. The Edge Desk is great!!!"

Matthew Conley

"Good and Versatile! A few days in of this new WFH order, I knew I had to find a more ergonomic option. This desk stores flat nicely”

Nimra Hibbert

"Excellent for posture while working, and portability! We love this kneeling desk. The base and seat are very well-built and sturdy.”

Liberty Donaldson

“Most Comfortable Kneeling Chair! It is the most comfortable kneeling chair I have found. I highly recommended it!”

Flora David

“Best purchase I’ve made! Love this desk! We live in a small house with no room for a study and this desk is the perfect solution.”

Chris Hendrickson

“Take it Anywhere, easily! We use this to work outside, or in whichever room of the house makes most sense. Folds very nice and flat.”

Mahek O'Doherty

“The fantastic design allows for different heights and angles of the seat and work surface is very well executed.”

Kofi Sloan

“I use it while playing video games instead of a gaming chair. It is solidly built and helps me keep my back straight."

Corinne Terrell

“Love this desk! We live in a small house with no room for a study and this desk is the perfect solution.”

Amritpal Santiago

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The Edge Desk is a Great Solution for Modern On-The

This is not a new desk,
This is a new routine