The World’s First All-In-One Kneeling Desk

Launched on Kickstarter this year, The Edge Desk is the first desk-chair and easel all in one. Forget hours of assembly and hundreds of parts to manage, The Edge comes fully assembled right out of the box. Set up takes less than a minute and the ergonomic design provides for the most comfortable, productive work experience you’ve ever had. The patent-pending kneeling desk puts your back in a comfort first position removing pressure so work is fun! By adjusting the desktop and seat, you can set it up for exactly the position that feels best.  These adjustments make The Edge great for people of all sizes.

Who’s The Edge For?

We’ve heard from: Artist creating from anywhere, Students in small dorm rooms and apartments, Freelancers working in coffee shops and libraries, Small House Communities. Because The Edge Desk is so compact, it really can be used anywhere globally and stored out of the way saving precious space. People from 42 countries have bought The Edge and the reviews say it all, check them out! The only question now is, “Are you set to join us ON THE EDGE?"

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The Edge Desk

Adjustable Ergonomic Desk for Comfort and Productivity

The Edge Desk
  • Maximum Productivity

    The Edge Desk places you in a focused posture position at a clean, uncluttered work space, so you can get more done faster

  • Fast and Simple

    The Edge Desk comes fully assembled and can be deployed in under 10 seconds. Folds to 6" for storage and transportation.

  • Portable Comfort

    The Edge's ergonomic kneeling chair and adjustable desk lets you find the perfect working position without the back strain.

  • Extensive Usability

    The Edge Desk's simplicity allows for a wide range of customers: artists, students, business professionals, and freelancers.

  • "Move over standing desks, the kneeling desk is the newest office trend"

    - Elle Decor

  • "Get your ass off the sofa, and work literally anywhere with The Edge Desk"

    - Maxim

  • "Forget standing, kneeling desks should be the new office trend"

    - Mashable

Stand Down, Standing Desks: You Have Met Your Match

Walk into any modern office today and you're bound to spot at least one standing desk somewhere — they are all the rage in home and corporate offices alike. Somewhere along the way The Edge Desk got thrown into the mix, though it is surely in a league of its own when it comes to unconventional desks: it's the world's first all-in-one desk, easel, and chair, completely designed for a kneeling posture.

The Edge Desk

All-in-one desk solution for modern life and work.