Adjustable Ergonomic Desk: The Edge Desk System

The Ultimate Desk for Productivity

The Edge Desk comes fully assembled. With a few easy steps from stow to go, the desk sets up easily in under 30 seconds. The Edge combines a kneeling chair with an adjustable work surface to create a personal, focused work environment anywhere, anytime. The Edge folds down to just 6 inches high to save space when not in use. The Edge Desk is designed to be completely portable.

The Desk for Focused Comfort

The Edge Desk system is the absolute best desk for how we work today. Its sleek design allows you to break free from the rigors of traditional desk environments while encouraging better posture and comfort, enabling you to increase your focus and productivity.

One of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever!

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Designed For Your Comfort!

The Edge Desk's height, angle and tilt are adjustable to suit individual body size and desk preferences. Perfect for any office worker or for any on-the-go entrepreneur!

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