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The word is out: kneeling chairs are better for you than standard desk chairs. Kneeling chairs help in a variety of ways, including improving posture, reducing lumbar pressure & lower back pain and increasing blood circulation.

In today’s workforce you should consider the long-term perspective for your back health; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Because Americans spend more time working than any other nation, it’s even more important that we choose our desk chairs wisely. The Edge Desk System offers the ideal integration of personal comfort and office space efficiency by combining a portable, foldable desk with a kneeling chair that expands and collapses. You can set up and take down the desk in under 30 seconds, and adjust both the kneeling desk and chair to adapt to your personal height, making the system easily customizable to different body sizes. Designed to accommodate a variety of users’ comfort, the Edge Desk's height, angle and tilt adjust to individual body size and desk preferences. The work surface also swivels between landscape and portrait orientation.

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