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Promoting productivity and focus through comfort with the only kneeling, fully adjustable, portable, and all-in-one workspace.


The Ergonomic Workstation Designed For Your Comfort

The Edge Desk is the only kneeling all-in-one ergonomic desk, chair and easel that is fully adjustable and portable. The Edge arrives fully assembled for a quick and simple set-up. Stay focused and productive with a healthy body posture, while relieving neck and back pain. When your workday is over, simply fold and store The Edge in seconds.

Fully adjustable to support a comfortable workstyle

Designed with a patented kneeling ergonomic position, The Edge Desk allows you to adjust to the ideal comfort in seconds. Position your work at eye level with weight evenly distributed through the knees and back, promoting a healthy posture. Created so you are able to personalize your workspace to what feels right to you!

About The Edge Desk

Kickstarter success

The Edge Desk is a single-piece desk and
chair that folds up so you can set up a
workspace just about anywhere

Patented Kneeling

The Edge is the only fully adjustable and
ergonomic workspace designed to
relieve neck and back pain all in one.

Conquering all pain

With a patented kneeling structure,
The Edge is the only fully adjustable
and ergonomic workspace designed
to relieve neck and back pain all in one.

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Tips from an Ergonomic Expert

Ergonomically approved by Physical Therapist
Dr. Jared Vagy.

Eliminate aches and pains

Working all day by sitting down in the same position can cause long term muscle strains. Standing desks are no better as they’re known to increase the risk of joint pain, and muscle aches. Both situations lead to long term strains and decreased productivity. That’s where the Edge Desk comes in.

What makes The Edge different?

Fully ergonomic
(neck, back all the time)
Height adjustable
desk and chair
Kneeling ergonomic
Relieves back AND
neck pain
Accessories to stay
organized and focused
Arrives fully assembled
Home office desk
Artist desk and easel
Suitable as a gamers
Small desk for tiny
living space

Stand Up Desk

Ergonomic Chair


* “Typically Great value for money” for a standing desk, as per, Jan. 2021

Ergonomics equal Productivity

Adjustments enable you to not only set the optimal position for your body to avoid lower-back and neck pains but because of the ease of manipulation, you can also adjust to remain comfortable all-day, as you go.

The seating adjustment bar allows your to place the seat slightly in front of your buttocks, your hips are above your knees and your shins are in contact with the lower pad of the chair for the correct position to care for your spine.

The kneeling position combined with the seat angle, engages your core, straightens your spine and relaxes your shoulder’s back.

The bottom adjustment lever provides the ability to move the top half of the desk and maintain the monitor at arm’s length as recommended by physical therapists.

The top adjustment allows you choose the angle even allowing your monitor to be at a higher level than your keyboard for times when you want to simultaneously relieve pain in your neck and your lower back.

Reduce strain. Improve productivity and focus. Our ergonomically designed all-in-one kneeling workspace adjusts to fit you.

Adjustable, versatile, customizable, portable, and foldable. The Edge is the desk putting your needs first and allowing you to create your ideal office ambience from wherever you decide to work, create, or learn.

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Solution For Neck and Back Pain

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