The Black Edge Desk Ergonomic Portable Kneeling Workstation Accessory Bundle – Water Bottle Holder

Edge Desk Water Bottle Holder

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Excellent for posture while working, and portability!

We love this kneeling desk. What a great concept. The base and seat are very well-built and sturdy.
The design that allows for different heights and angles of the seat and work surface is very well executed.
We use this to work outside, or in whichever room of the house makes most sense. Folds very nice and flat to be out of the way when not in use.

- Todd Kim

The Edge Desk water bottle holder uses the proprietary "Edge" universal clip to hold it securely to the edge of your desk.  The sturdy wire frame and self-leveling basket make this the perfect, spill-free place to stash your water bottle.

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