Conquer Zoom Fatigue

- By Jaclyn Rosenberg

Woman using the edge desk ergonomic kneeling chair at home in her office living room

Zoom Fatigue Got You Down? These Effective Tips Can Combat This WFH Problem

Remote work certainly has its perks. You can now workout on your lunch break. You don’t have to worry about traffic and long commutes. You can wear pajamas all day if you want to. You can even soak up some vitamin D while working from your porch or backyard. Not too shabby, right?

However, the one drawback of remote work is the increasing number of video calls in which we’re all suddenly starring. Zoom fatigue is real, folks (and yes it still applies if you’re using Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime or any other video conferencing platforms). If you’re feeling
the effects of this increased screen time and it’s making you feel more like a Zoom zombie than super star, here are some helpful expert-backed tips to help regain your work-from-home prowess.

Block Off “No Call” Times in Your Schedule

No matter how extroverted you may be, limiting the number of video calls you have to tackle in a day is going to be a boon for your productivity, not to mention your mental and emotional wellbeing (trust us!). Instead of hopping on separate calls with different team members why not combine relevant calls to address all projects and concerns at once? Not only will you feel more “on” knowing you only have one or two calls to get through (rather than the typical four or five), but you’ll also get some much-needed time to decompress and actually, you know, focus on getting your work done.

Just Say “No” to Multitasking

Are your Zoom calls the perfect time to check email, respond to coworkers and scroll Uber Eats for lunch ideas? We know, we know, multitasking seems like a great way to get a bunch of tasks done at once, but unfortunately science tells us that our brains aren’t so great at juggling all those to-dos. In fact, switching between tasks can decrease productivity by up to 40 percent and leave you mentally exhausted.

The fix? Turn off your phone and close all other windows and tabs to minimize distractions. When you’re on a call, it’s best to give it your undivided attention (don’t worry, your email will still be there for you when you’re done). Your brain will certainly thank you.

Zoom fatigue

Make Phone Calls Cool Again

Remember phones? They used to be the devices we used to call clients, employees and coworkers long before video conferencing became a thing. Now, our phones tend to be used primarily for scrolling social media and checking email when we are away from our desk.

However, if you are all Zoomed-out for the day and you have another meeting coming up, you may want to simply ask your client or employee if they wouldn’t mind hoping on a quick call instead. Since many people are feeling the effects of Zoom fatigue, that person will most likely be just as relieved to switch to a normal phone call.

Send “Side View” on a Vacation

If your company is in love with video conferencing, then perhaps you don’t have the ability to turn off your camera. However, one of the reasons Zoom meetings can be so exhausting is the fact that we can always see ourselves, which makes us feel “on” all the time. Is your cowlick particularly prominent today? Can they tell you’re wearing the same shirt from yesterday? Can they see that you still haven’t taken your Christmas tree down?

Watching your every move can be akin to an actor watching themselves on TV, and chances are good that you’re not going to be winning any Academy Award for it. In this case, get your video all set up so everything looks great and then simply hide side view. Now you don’t have to catch distracting glimpses of yourself while on a call, which can help keep the focus on your colleagues and what they’re saying.

Zoom Calls May be Uncomfortable, But Your Body Doesn’t Have to Be

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