Enhance Your Environment

- By Jaclyn Rosenberg

Man happily using the edge desk ergonomic kneeling desk as an adjustable workstation in his garden outside

The pandemic has certainly changed the face of the workplace over the past year. Whether your company is in the planning phase of bringing employees back to the office or your HR department is crafting a hybrid work option, The Edge Desk can help you create a functional, creative work environment that maximizes space and also keeps employees comfortable, happy and socially distanced. 

Is a Flexible Workplace the New Thing?  

Hybrid work, flexible workspace, hub-and-spoke...whatever you call it, we’re seeing more and more employees adopting this new approach to the pre-pandemic work environment. One survey found that 83% of workers want the hybrid work model, where they get to work from home at least part of the time. The hub-and-spoke method certainly isn’t new and it allows companies to maintain a central office (aka: the hub), with smaller workspaces or remote offices (aka: spokes) throughout the country or across the globe. 

Whether you’re redesigning your office space or you’re looking to keep your employees at home (or a mix of both), The Edge Desk offers adaptability, flexibility and employee productivity while also supporting employee health and wellbeing, and better work-life balance. After all, it is the world’s only fully adjustable and ergonomic all-in-one kneeling desk, chair and easel.

Adaptability is Key Right Now 

Your flexible office needs to adapt to meet your employee’s needs, which may continue to change even once workers return to the office. You need to be able to correct spacing issues and alter seating and environments quickly, and more traditional workspace approaches such as cubicles may not provide proper six-foot distancing. 

Instead, companies are focusing on adaptable furniture that is lightweight, movable and easy to sanitize and The Edge Desk fits that mold. With The Edge Desk, your team can easily shift their workspaces from solo spaces to more collaborative brainstorming sessions while also maintaining a safe distance. 

Plus, our fully adjustable workspace can be set up in less than 30 seconds, and it’s portable and easy to sanitize. The Edge Desk’s main goal is to ensure that your body is fully supported and in proper alignment, making it a great option not just for hybrid workstations but also reception areas, meeting rooms and more creative spaces. 

Your work-from-home employees will also find great value in a desk that boasts a quick setup while also being easy to fold up and store away. We know many remote workers have limited space, and The Edge Desk solves this issue. Plus The Edge Desk’s portability makes it easy to turn porches, decks, parks and backyards into the ultimate outdoor workspace, which also offers additional health benefits.  

Be an Employee Wellness Advocate 

Employee wellbeing is a hot-button topic these days and for good reason. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company (so by protecting their backbone you’re also protecting yours). In a recent article published by Nasdaq, Lisa Orr, senior human factors consultant at Sedgwick stated, 

Ergonomics can help increase worker comfort and productivity while demonstrating respect for the diversity of individual, physical, mental, cultural, and emotional differences among employees.” 

If your employees are currently using a standard office chair, their couch or even a standing desk, their bodies (and minds) aren’t getting what they need to make their workdays work for them. These days, companies are providing stipends to help employees turn their makeshift at-home office spaces into fully functional, high-quality working environments. If you’re looking to enhance employee health, wellbeing and productivity here’s how The Edge Desk can help, 

  • Kneeling is the optimal body position because it keeps muscles active and engaged 
  • The desk helps activate and stabilize the core, which in turn supports and stabilizes the body as a whole (a strong core is key to proper posture, good health and injury prevention) 
  • Eliminate (and prevent) neck and back pain
  • Improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body 
  • A healthy body is a healthy mind, and better body positioning can boost productivity and focus 
  • Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health (and may even decrease lifespan) 

The Edge Desk is on a mission to take the guesswork out of creating flexible, adaptable workspaces for your company and its employees to promote better employee wellbeing and work-life balance. At The Edge Desk we believe that it’s more than just a desk. It’s a new routine. 


Contact us to find out how we can help your company create a new (and healthier) routine.