Employee Wellness

- By Jaclyn Rosenberg

Man happily using the edge desk ergonomic kneeling desk as an adjustable workstation with his dog at home

We all know how important our environment is for cultivating creativity. Of course, with everyone working from home (and going to school remotely), it can be challenging for working professionals to find a quiet space for themselves.

The benefit of The Edge Desk is that it easily folds up and can go wherever you need to go. So whether your employees want to work outside on a gorgeous spring day or simply find a quiet space in the house (so they can take their business calls without disrupting the kid’s online class), the Edge Desk makes it exponentially easier to work in comfort, wherever you’ll find peace, quiet and inspiration. 

Invest in Your Employees’ Health and Future

With employees working longer hours, spending more time on Zoom calls and even taking their doctors’ visits via computer, the lines of work-life balance may seem blurrier than ever. Burnout is real, and people are feeling its effects this past year more than ever. Whether your company has people returning to the office or you’re still fully remote, providing employees with a safe, comfortable and ergonomic workspace is key. 

In office, this means focusing on hybrid workspaces that allow everyone to have optimal personal space. The Edge Desk is easily movable, adjustable and compact, making it easy to setup and move wherever you need. For those still working from home, this workspace provides incredible health benefits and can prevent the standard aches, pains and discomfort that befall many sedentary working professionals. 

A New and Improved Work Culture 

The workspace culture we once knew has had to evolve and adapt quickly this past year, and we don’t think that we’ll be returning to it anytime soon (or perhaps, ever again). This past year has opened our eyes to what employees really need to succeed both as an individual and as a valuable member of a company, and we hope The Edge Desk provides entrepreneurs, creatives, employees and businesses with what they need to promote better health, wellbeing and happiness beyond the traditional 9-5.