Improve Employee Morale

- By Jaclyn Rosenberg

Man happily using the edge desk ergonomic kneeling desk as an adjustable workstation in his garden outside

We’re Changing How Your Employees Work…for the Better

This past year we’ve seen some unprecedented changes in how we work. In an effort to keep employees happier, healthier and more productive, many HR departments surveyed employees to learn about their pain points and how to address them. As a result, many employees saw an increase in parental leave, childcare benefits and workspace stipends. 

The Sedentary Epidemic Among Professionals 

Americans sit nearly 10 hours a day, on average. Research has found that sitting more than four hours a day decreases metabolism, makes leg muscles inactive and increases blood pressure and insulin levels. This is just after four hours of sitting, so imagine what the average 10 hours can do to employee health. 

While you might think simply hitting the gym or taking an hour-long walk might reverse this; unfortunately, these bursts of physical activity still won’t prevent the diabetes, back problems, depression, heart disease and muscle degeneration that occurs as a result of long periods of sitting. This is one reason we invented The Edge Desk. This first-of-its-kind, ergonomically patented kneeling workspace encourages proper posture while providing ample support for the whole body to activate and strengthen the core muscles. 

Today, we need to focus on preventive measures we can take to improve and support employee health. On the days that you wake up and workout do you notice that this one, simple act of wellness can lead to others? Suddenly that workout has led you to make a healthy, plant-based breakfast. You’re now opening that meditation app in the afternoon. You’re making a healthy dinner instead of ordering out. You’re going to bed early. One simple change can promote a healthier overall lifestyle. This is what we want to create for working professionals. 

The Edge Desk is not just a desk. It’s a new routine. By supporting and cradling the whole body, it boosts circulation and creates the proper position for your body to promote productivity and mental clarity. We all know how great we feel when our bodies feel their best. Imagine, finishing the workday and still having the mental and physical energy to tackle a workout, make a homemade dinner and spend quality time with the family. We want to be an integral part of working professionals’ overall wellbeing and happiness. Happy, healthy employees mean better morale and employee engagement, decreased turnover rates and fewer sick days.