Relieve Neck and Back Pain With a Few Adjustments

- By Jaclyn Rosenberg

Man using the edge desk ergonomic kneeling chair at home in his office living room

Kneeling Desk Offers Neck and Back Pain Relief 

Who would have guessed that in 2020 millions of Americans would have become full-time remote workers? We’ve been navigating this “new normal” for nearly a year now, and it looks like, at least for the near future, we’re going to be working from home for a little while longer. At this point, your at-home workspace should be more than you hunched over your computer at the kitchen table (if it’s not, we really need to talk!). 

But be honest…how many of you are still using your kitchen table or (cringe!) your couch for work? Do you spend the workday cracking and twisting your back and massaging your neck? While you could blame your fatigue, muscle aches and slump in productivity on the curse of the one-too-many Zoom calls, we’re sorry to say that your posture might actually be the culprit. 

Back and neck pain are common complaints for working professionals. We’ve heard this story dozens of times. Our team members have experienced it, too. We understand that in order for people to feel their best and be their most productive they needed a workspace that caters to them. This is how the Edge Desk was born. 

Why Kneeling? 

The Edge Desk is the only ergonomic all-in-one kneeling desk, chair and easel on the market. As compared to sitting or standing all day, kneeling engages the muscles in a way that other positions don’t, which also means that kneeling can provide people with the relief they need from everyday back and neck pain. Here are some of the other benefits of our kneeling desk and chair, 

  • It distributes weight evenly between the spine, thighs and shins, so it’s not placing strain or pressure on the back or neck like sitting does (despite what you might be picturing in you head, kneeling is also safe on the knees)  
  • It engages and strengthens the core muscles to support the lower back (look, we’re not saying you’re going to get a six pack from kneeling, but we are saying that kneeling promotes better core strength. This means you’re less likely to deal with back issues, and no back pain might actually be better than a six pack) 
  • It properly aligns the spine to reduce strain and promote the 3 Cs: comfort, circulation and concentration (bye-bye workday slouching!)
  • It keeps you eye level with your desk, whether you’re typing on your computer or you’re drafting construction plans, to prevent neck and shoulder strain 
  • It could prevent tension headaches caused by poor posture   

Everyone’s built differently so we also created an ergonomic desk and chair that adjusts to fit you (which is more than we can say for your couch). Our workspace offers desk height adjustability that also accounts for angle and tilt. It’s even perfect for kids and teens who are now complaining of aches and pains due to hours of virtual schooling. 

Kneeling: Your “Prescription” for Neck and Back Pain Relief 

While work isn’t always fun, it certainly shouldn’t hurt; however, you don’t have to currently be battling neck and back pain to benefit from The Edge Desk. We have many proactive professionals using our fully collapsible desk to prevent these issues from happening to them in the first place. 

If we can help you feel better and more productive throughout the day, as well as at the end of a workday, we’ve done our job. We might not be able to alleviate all work-from-home stressors (like that work meeting that’s suddenly been scheduled for 5PM on a Friday), but at least you know your health is in good hands with The Edge Desk.