Kneel your way into full comfort and relieve back and neck pain

Live on The Edge

Promoting productivity and focus through comfort with the only kneeling, fully adjustable, portable, and all-in-one workspace. 

The Edge Desk

As unique as it's effective, its designed to care of your spine and neck like no other solution out there

The desk that promotes wellness, balance, and comfort. The All-In-One workstation that promotes wellness all-around.

Conquering pain one adjustment at a time

Your desk shouldn’t cause you neck, back and shoulder pain. And, why does being in a small space mean sacrificing  productivity? Designed for you and unlike anything else, The Edge Desk is the only portable, KNEELING, ergonomic desk, chair, and easel all-in-one. Set yourself up to focus with work The Edge arrives fully assembled and ready to support you to feel great and focused whether you’re working, studying or creating. Our fully adjustable, ergonomic design is made just for you, wherever, whenever you like. And, when you’re finished, simply fold and store in seconds.

Create the ideal workspace, wherever and whenever you need in seconds. Whether you need a workstation that boost productivity, a quiet office for focused work, or meeting and seating areas for team collaboration, The Edge’s design has it all. 

Fully adjustable to support a comfortable workstyle

Designed with a patented kneeling ergonomic position, The Edge Desk allows you to adjust to the ideal comfort in seconds. Position your work at eye level with weight evenly distributed through the knees and back, promoting a healthy posture. Created so you are able to personalize your workspace to what feels right to you!

What makes The Edge stand out?

It’s all in the knees.

Stand Up Desk

Lap Desk

All-in-one  and foldable
Includes ergnomic chair
Fully adjustable for body needs
Relieves back and neck pain
Posture support
Physio recommended kneeling position
Arrives fully assembled
Easily storable
Promotes Work-Life Balance




* “Typically Great value for money” for a standing desk, as per StartStanding.org, Jan. 2021

Live on The Edge

The Edge is unique.  It provides an unparalleled work experience. Combine  our posture perfect solution to  bring your work into the most comfortable range for productivity. By changing settings in seconds, you’ll soon see what feels best every time you sit down


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