What makes
The Edge different
Stand-up desk


Ergonomic chair
Fully ergonomic
(neck, back all the time)
Height adjustable
desk and chair
Partial Partial
Kneeling ergonomic
Relieves back AND
neck pain
Partial Partial
Accessories to stay
organized and focused
Arrives fully
Home office
Artist desk and easel
Suitable as a gamers
Small desk for tiny
living space


* “Typically Great value for money” for a standing desk,
as per StartStanding.org, Jan. 2021




Stephanie Andrews

Our Core of...

Does working from home have you feeling burned out AF? Stressed about work meetings? Struggling to find a quiet space for yourself? These days, we’re dealing with a lot of...

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Stephanie Andrews

Back Pain

Kneeling Desk Offers Neck and Back Pain Relief  Who would have guessed that in 2020 millions of Americans would have become full-time remote workers? We’ve been navigating this “new normal”...

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Marc Rosenberg

Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue Got You Down? These Effective Tips Can Combat This WFH ProblemRemote work certainly has its perks. You can now workout on your lunch break. You don’t have to...

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Ergonomic Solution

All-in-one workstation

The only kneeling all-in-one ergonomic desk, chair and easel that is fully adjustable and portable.

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The Freelancer who enjoys the freedom of working from anywhere, Students with restricted space, New Home-Office Aficionados who were looking for an ergonomic solution, Architects and Artists who needed a flexible drawing table that can follow them everywhere ...

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Fast setup with height adjustable feature allows you to quickly create and personalize your workspace to fit you

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From water bottle holders to transport wheels, our accessories enhance your work environment. Customize and transform your office while keeping a clean, minimalist space for a clear, creative mind.

The Edge Desk 3-Piece Accessory Bundle

The Edge Desk 3-Piece Accessory Bundle


The Edge Desk Transport Wheels

The Edge Desk Transport Wheels


Edge Desk Water Bottle Holder

Edge Desk Water Bottle Holder



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It's the new routine.

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