Why is the new standing

The desk that brought the standing desks to its knees

Easiest and fastest commute you've ever experienced

Transform any space you desire into the most comfortable and productive workplace

Empowers a healthy work/life balance... and easily stores away

The Edge was designed to boost productivity through comfort.  Work is set at the perfect angle and distance from you in the most comfortable position for you.   It can also be easily stored out-of-site and out-of-mind!

The Only All-In-One Affordable Ergonomic Workstation

Comfort comes first when you are trying to set up a productive workstation. The Edge is the only kneeling desk that was constructed with adjustments to allow you to build the ideal ergonomic position. Place your work at eye level, as recommended by ergonomic experts to promote focus.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, we have amended our return policy